Back to the ancients to find the future of science

March 2011

Stoics and Epicureans play Tennis

SynopsisA bunch of sheep shearers abandon their sheep and turn to metaphysics. The CEO dreams of a tennis match between Epicureans and Stoics. First Classness and Being StoicWhy then do you strut before us as if you had swallowed a spit?– My wish has always been that those who meet me should admire me, and [...]

The Hard Problem — also Freud and Jung Semiotics

Philosopher David Chalmers remarks that the confidence in the traditional scientific method “comes from the progress on the easy problems.” Over the past decade or so, Chalmers has argued that it is time to tackle what he famously calls the “Hard Problem”, notably to develop a rigorous, scientific theory of consciousness. Chalmers’ Hard Problem is [...]

Dialectics, Theology, and Opposition Based Reason

Right Side Reasoning is based on Oppositions Left side reasoning is what we associate with the traditional sciences, including mathematics. The reasoning flows sequentially from premise to conclusion via intermediary steps. Every step in the process involves a proposition of some kind, be it simple, modal, a predicate or whatever. The reasoning involves a flow [...]