Back to the ancients to find the future of science

Foundations of Science and Mathematics

Logic Driven Science: Physics without Attributes

Physics, as it is presently construed, involves the study of physical phenomena.  This kind of science, I will call phenomenal physics.  Of central concern is the motion of physical bodies.  Classical Newtonian physics proposed the first version of the laws of motion of such bodies.  Einstein provided a second version that took relativity into account.  [...]

Bilateral Science

This post is working towards a paper I will call Logic Driven Physics. At the moment, I believe that I am the only person in the world writing this story of how the science of the Stoics can be reverse engineered to provide a new, alternative take on physics, logic, and mathematics. In this post, [...]

Reverse Engineering the Genetic Code

The post is a slightly edited version of a submission I recently made for Challenge prize competion. I didn’t win it but he submission provides a reasonable and short overview of my project.   Reverse Engineering the Genetic Code understanding the universal technology platform of Nature Executive Summary My proposed platform technology for advancing the [...]

Science is a Belief System

I’m talking about left and right hemispheres. Sometimes it’s not sure whether I’m talking about the biological brain, the mind, or the epistemological divide between the empirical sciences and the “other” way of thinking. I’ve given up making the distinction. I’d rather be hung for a tiger than a sheep.  Well, the whole Cosmos is [...]