Back to the ancients to find the future of science


Logic Driven Science: Physics without Attributes

Physics, as it is presently construed, involves the study of physical phenomena.  This kind of science, I will call phenomenal physics.  Of central concern is the motion of physical bodies.  Classical Newtonian physics proposed the first version of the laws of motion of such bodies.  Einstein provided a second version that took relativity into account.  [...]

Reverse Engineering the Genetic Code

The post is a slightly edited version of a submission I recently made for Challenge prize competion. I didn’t win it but he submission provides a reasonable and short overview of my project.   Reverse Engineering the Genetic Code understanding the universal technology platform of Nature Executive Summary My proposed platform technology for advancing the [...]

What is Gender?

There is no construct in science more fundamental than gender. The ancients knew this but the moderns have long since forgotten it. This post will explore the epistemological and ontological potential of gender in providing a unifying foundation for science and mathematics. In this respect, the structure of the French language provides a first glimpse [...]

Science without attibutes

It is a remarkable fact that the one single language, the genetic code, codes all biological organisms. The code is truly universal across all organisms and seems impervious to evolution, remaining unchanged from the verybeginnings. However, the central dogma of biochemistry downplays the importance of this observation claiming that, linguistically, the language is of little [...]

Genetic Code and Gender

The traditional science and mathematics all rely on a priori knowledge. We call these sciences left side sciences. What interests us is the science on the other side of the epistemological brain – right side science. In this section we move from the One Many opposition to gender opposition. This is treated very simplistically here. [...]

Epicureans, Stoics and the Code

In this Post: Even featuring the Tea Party! The history of philosophy is constantly punctuated with battles between two practically orthogonal ways of thinking. A case of this philosophical dichotomy that was particularly well thought and well fought was that between the Epicureans and the Stoics. This ancient joust of ideas is quite pertinent today. [...]