Back to the ancients to find the future of science


Bilateral Science

This post is working towards a paper I will call Logic Driven Physics. At the moment, I believe that I am the only person in the world writing this story of how the science of the Stoics can be reverse engineered to provide a new, alternative take on physics, logic, and mathematics. In this post, [...]

The Big Bang versus the Big Birth

There are  two different takes on explaining the origins of the universe., one modern and the other very ancient. The two explanations can be summed up as the Big Bang and the Big Birth theories. Everyone has heard of the Big Bang theory where an unexplained event is initiated resulting in an incredibly huge amount [...]

Chrysippus and Stoic Logic

The Stoic Five Undemonstratables There are two kinds of logic, logic with infrastructure and logic that can be carried out with the bare brain, the terra nullus logic. We first consider the bare brained version. This variety of logic is virtually infrastructure free. The logic is abstract and makes extensive use of symbols that do [...]

Ground Zero and Chrysippus

By Ground Zero, we mean the centre of the Cosmos. Ground Zero has a certain shape, the shape of the entity located at the centre of the Cosmos. As we know, this entity is none other than any subject whatsoever that takes the pain to reflect on its particular spot in the universe. Without fail, [...]

The Chrysippus Semiotic Square of Oppositions

Before understanding our reconstruction of the Chrysippus semiotic square, we need to know a bit about semiotics , or at least, our version of it. The author’s first acquaintance with the semiotic square came from following the courses of Greimas back in Paris, many years ago. The term “semiotic square” is nowadays generally associated with [...]

Dualism, Monism and the Stoics

The Double Articulation Two birds living together, each the friend of the other, perch upon the same tree. Of these two, one eats the sweet fruit of the tree, but the other simply looks on without eating. The two birds are the Jiva and Isvara, both existing in an individual compared to a tree. [Mundaka [...]

Parmenides, Ontology and the Stoics

There are two takes on reality, two kinds of knowledge, two kinds of science. In this work the traditional sciences, traditional knowledge we call left side. This kind of knowledge relies on a priori knowledge. Right side knowledge is unconditioned by any a priori and must be developed using pure reason alone. The two kinds [...]

Epicureans, Stoics and the Code

In this Post: Even featuring the Tea Party! The history of philosophy is constantly punctuated with battles between two practically orthogonal ways of thinking. A case of this philosophical dichotomy that was particularly well thought and well fought was that between the Epicureans and the Stoics. This ancient joust of ideas is quite pertinent today. [...]

Stoics and Epicureans play Tennis

SynopsisA bunch of sheep shearers abandon their sheep and turn to metaphysics. The CEO dreams of a tennis match between Epicureans and Stoics. First Classness and Being StoicWhy then do you strut before us as if you had swallowed a spit?– My wish has always been that those who meet me should admire me, and [...]

Mantra: The Stoics were Right Hemisphere Thinkers

This is just a fragment posted to Stoics mailing list:MantraA mantra usually refers to a verbal repetitive chant.  This is particularly therapeutic for the left hemisphere of the brain. The left hemisphere is the side that characterises modern Western thinking and the sciences. This is where you find the angst.  It specialises in abstract, symbolic, [...]