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  • Cell Language - Web site of Sungchul Ji, author of "Molecular Theory of the Living Cell." The last chapter "Towards a Category Theory of Everything (cTOE)" is the most interesting to me as that is what I have been working on for the last two years.
  • Generative Sciences - Putting the Fire in the Equations; Generating multilevel dynamical processes in Physics and Psychology
  • Geometric Calculus Research and Development - Professor David Hestenes' web site on Geometric lgebra and applications
  • Gödel's lost leter and P=NP: a personal view of the theory of computation - Blog by Dick Lipton, a Professor of Computer Science at Georgia Tech and Ken Regan, Computational Complexity Theory at the University at Buffalo
  • Heraclitus on Understanding the World - Interview with Ava Brann regarding her book on Heraclitus and the Logos
  • It's Only A Theory - A Group Blog Devoted to the General Philosophy of Science
  • JHIBlogs - JHIBlog is the blog of the Journal of the History of Ideas, and aims to bring together today’s varied, burgeoning conversations in the field of intellectual history, broadly conceived.
  • Joseph Waligore - Writings on the History of Ideas
  • Justin E. H. Smith - Justin E. H. Smith's archive of philosophy news, notes, and academic work in progress. Specialist in Leibniz.
  • Kant and the Laws of Nature - Lessons from the Physical and the Life Sciences of the Eighteenth Century
  • Logical Geometry - Web site of Lorenz Demey and Hans Smessaert devoted to their logical geometry project
  • M-Phi - A blog dedicated to mathematical philosophy
  • Matters of Substance - A Group Blog Devoted to Metaphysics moderated by Gabriele Contessa
  • Of Particular Significance - This site addresses various aspects of science, with a current focus on particle physics. I aim to serve the public, including those with no background knowledge of physics
  • Philosophy of Science - A Group Blog Devoted to the General Philosophy of Science moderated by Gabriele Contessa
  • Power Structuralism in Ancient Ontologies Project - The driving research hypothesis of the project is that in the first millennium of ancient Western thought the constitution of all there is was accounted for with powers as the sole elementary building block in ontology.
  • Quantum Diaries - Thoughts on work and life from particle physicists from around the world
  • Quantum Logic Explorer - You are about to enter uncharted territory. Unlike elementary Set Theory which is polished and mature mathematics, Quantum Logic is wild and barely explored. An ornery, intractable logic, nobody even knows if it's decidable!
  • Roger Clough blog: Leibniz and Peirce - Lots of posts on Leibniz in relation to QM and AI
  • Science of Consciousness - This Blog of Michael Cecil examines dualistic and non-dualistic perspectives of consciousness.
  • Square of Oppositions web site - Square of Oppositions as a basis of cogition etc. The organisation holds conferences on the subject
  • Square of Oppositions web site - Square of Oppositions as a basis of cogition etc. The organisation holds conferences on the subject
  • Stoicism - A Stoic mailing list
  • Stoicism and the Art of Happiness - Stoic Philosophy and Scientific Research: Mainly psychology oriented research
  • Stoicism Today - Features an online journal: popularizes and explains Stoicism in a modern context.
  • The Information Philosopher - A very rich resource covering most areas of philosophy. Also what is rare, an insightful references to Chryssipus and the other Stoics.
  • The New Stoa - Online Stoic Community
  • The Preposterous Universe - Sean Carrol's Blog: Recently my focus has moved in the direction of more abstract/foundational/speculative questions -- models of quantum cosmology, the nature of time reversal, making sense of the many-worlds interpretation, self-locating uncertainty ...

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