Back to the ancients to find the future of science

Semantics of the Genetic Code

Reverse Engineering the Genetic Code

The post is a slightly edited version of a submission I recently made for Challenge prize competion. I didn’t win it but he submission provides a reasonable and short overview of my project.   Reverse Engineering the Genetic Code understanding the universal technology platform of Nature Executive Summary My proposed platform technology for advancing the [...]

What is Gender?

There is no construct in science more fundamental than gender. The ancients knew this but the moderns have long since forgotten it. This post will explore the epistemological and ontological potential of gender in providing a unifying foundation for science and mathematics. In this respect, the structure of the French language provides a first glimpse [...]

Syllogistic Logic

Traditional sciences and mathematics is very “left brained” – abstract, dualist, empirical, atomist, and rely on a rhetorical form of reasoning. In antiquity, the Epicureans priveledged that form of thought. The Stoics favoured a non-dualist, non-atomist, dialectical form of reasoning. When it comes to Aristotle, such a dichotomy is not at all clear cut. As [...]

The Big Bang versus the Big Birth

There are  two different takes on explaining the origins of the universe., one modern and the other very ancient. The two explanations can be summed up as the Big Bang and the Big Birth theories. Everyone has heard of the Big Bang theory where an unexplained event is initiated resulting in an incredibly huge amount [...]

The Alternative to Abstract Thinking : the Generic

Continuing from the previous post Is There an Alternative to Abstraction? Having taken in Hegel’s little gem of wisdom we are now able to answer the question, “What does a radio shock jock and a theoretical physicist have in common?” The answer, of course is – abstraction. However, this doesn’t answer the question as to [...]

Chrysippus and Stoic Logic

The Stoic Five Undemonstratables There are two kinds of logic, logic with infrastructure and logic that can be carried out with the bare brain, the terra nullus logic. We first consider the bare brained version. This variety of logic is virtually infrastructure free. The logic is abstract and makes extensive use of symbols that do [...]