The Universal Geometric Algebra of Nature

The Universal Geometric Algebra of Nature

Many researchers in the field of Geometric Algebra claim it to be the universal language of mathematics and
physics and so realise Leibniz’s vision. Their claim has some merit. However, Leibniz’s geometry without
number vision was much more ambitious. For example, Leibniz claimed that the geometry would explain the
forms of plants and animals ‘in a few letters.’ Since the discovery of the genetic code, we now know such a code
indeed does exist. However, Geometric Algebra makes no reference to the genetic code, the truly authentic
algebra of Nature. In this paper we work closely with Leibniz’s core concepts, together with a strong Stoicism
influence, and show how his approach to metaphysics and geometric algebra can be made tractable. The end
result is a geometric algebra based on a four-letter alphabet. The four letters are shown to correspond to the
geometric semantics of timelike, lightlike, spacelike, and singular vectors of a geometric algebra. We propose an
exact mapping of these four generic letters to those of the genetic code. Thus, the genetic code is interpreted as
expressing generic geometric organisation based on a Leibniz style geometric algebra rather than being a mere
transcription code as stated in the Central Dogma of biochemistry..

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