Back to the ancients to find the future of science


Stoic Physics, Gödel, and Quantum Mechanics

In this article I briefly present the case that Stoic natural philosophy provides the missing meta-language to finally make sense of quantum mechanics. Modern Stoic writers such as Lawrence C Becker dismiss Stoic physics as an embarrassment. Becker tries to cobble together a hybrid of Stoic ethics with what is essentially a modern version of [...]

Weirdness In Physics

There are two kinds of physics one classical one weird. Classical physics based on the pleasing common sense notion that there is a realist mind-independent reality “out there,” just waiting to be measured and described by precise, deterministic, mathematical models. For terminological convenience, I will refer to this kind of paradigm as left side. In [...]

Syllogistic Logic

Traditional sciences and mathematics is very “left brained” – abstract, dualist, empirical, atomist, and rely on a rhetorical form of reasoning. In antiquity, the Epicureans priveledged that form of thought. The Stoics favoured a non-dualist, non-atomist, dialectical form of reasoning. When it comes to Aristotle, such a dichotomy is not at all clear cut. As [...]

The Big Bang versus the Big Birth

There are  two different takes on explaining the origins of the universe., one modern and the other very ancient. The two explanations can be summed up as the Big Bang and the Big Birth theories. Everyone has heard of the Big Bang theory where an unexplained event is initiated resulting in an incredibly huge amount [...]

Where is the centre of the universe?

This is a post from the Stoic mailing list at Yahoo Groups. It touches on a central tenet of Stoicism. Jan wrote: It’s certainly traditional Stoic doctrine that somehow connected with the all-pervading Logos (=Zeus=Nature=Providence=designing fire) is the obligatory law of nature, aka jus nature; the mind of the (human) sage is, according to classical [...]

The Shape of Mind

This section is about multiplication. In the large sense, multiplication brings two things together to make a third. In the case of numbers, this leads to simple arithmetic. In the case of two inebriated men at a bar, it can lead to a bar room brawl. The ancients, both in the West and the East, [...]

The Shape of Space

In  soon to appear book and its appendixes, we have mapped out the foundations of a new kind of geometry based on the right side scientific paradigm. When talking about the shape of knowledge, we must also talk about the shape of geometry. Traditional left side spatiality, like Hilbert space for example, is notable for [...]

The Dawkins Ignorance Hypothesis

Richard Dawkins’ polemic, The God Delusion, is an excellent example of left side reasoning and so it is not surprising that he presents a worldview that is totally at odds with the main thrust of our project. His polemic has been widely contested on many fronts but one of his core assumptions seems to have [...]


To Karl Marx, change presents as the history of class struggle. According to Empedocles, change was the outcome of the incessant struggle between the forces of Love and Strife. Love unites the elements together to become all things. On the other hand, Strife brings about the dissolution of the one back into the many. The [...]

Why are there Two Hemispheres?

Here, we are talking about the two epistemological hemispheres of left side and right side science, left side knowledge and right side knowledge  There are two kinds of take on reality. There are two kinds of knowledge. We leave implicit that this may also shed a lot of light into the biological arena concerning the [...]